Why Azina®

Our team of tenacious experts brings insight, rigor, and expertise to realize transformative pharmacy growth.

Let's Work Together To Advance the Patient's Healthcare Journey

Specialty care requires a unique approach — one that’s done your way. By acting as a strategic partner for our clients and always keeping the patient experience top-of-mind, we empower hospitals and health systems to take control of the patient journey to accelerate their pharmacy ecosystem and business through a full suite of services. We are a true advocate and partner in your health system's journey to becoming a best-in-class specialty pharmacy.

Our Mission

Azina exists to advance the patient’s healthcare journey by empowering specialty pharmacy excellence.

"Who better to take care of a specialty patient than the local hospital?"

– Keith Cook
   President, Azina

What Makes Azina Different

We're rooted in providing optimized pharmacy services that drive superior financial and clinical performance. Explore the Azina difference.

Case Studies

Explore our library of case studies to see how you can take your outpatient pharmacy to the next level.

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