Pharmacy Accreditation​

Demonstrate your health system's value.

Earn Your Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

Obtaining specialty pharmacy accreditation is a key milestone for any health system seeking to demonstrate the value and quality of its care and services. It's also typically required to gain access to limited distribution drugs and specialty payor networks. Preparing your operation for specialty pharmacy accreditation can often be a time-consuming, labor-intensive task. Azina® is here to provide ongoing accreditation support, enabling your organization to keep up with the latest accreditation standards and be prepared for reaccreditation.

How Azina Helps You Meet Accreditation Standards

Specialty pharmacy accreditation is vital to accessing sought revenue streams. When you leverage Azina as your partner to assist in the accreditation process, you’ll receive support with:


Current Assessments

We’ll perform an in-depth gap analysis of your pharmacy and assist you in remediation of any deficiencies discovered during the assessment.

Project Plan

The Azina team will develop a detailed project plan to ensure your pharmacy is prepared to meet the accreditation deadlines.

Policies & Procedures

Our team of accreditation experts will review your organization’s current policies and help you establish any new policies that reflect your health system’s procedures.

Patient & Quality Management Programs

Azina will work with your pharmacy to establish both a Patient Management and Quality Management program. We’ll identify and create tools to collect the necessary data to provide best-in-class care and meet various accreditation standards.

Mock Survey

We’ll perform a mock audit to prepare your organization for a visit from an accrediting agency. If deficiencies are identified, our team will work with you to resolve these issues to ensure your staff is prepared.

Ongoing Accreditation Support

Azina provides ongoing accreditation support so that your pharmacy keeps up with the latest accreditation standards and is prepared for reaccreditation.

Secure Accreditations Vital To Accessing Sought Revenue Streams


Need reaccreditation? Azina can help pharmacies gain dual accreditation in less than nine months. Our team can support you with all your reaccreditation needs.

Customized Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Azina understands that no two hospitals or health systems are the same. Utilizing a holistic approach, we deliver customized solutions to address your organization’s unique needs.

Ready to obtain specialty pharmacy accreditation for your organization? Our experts are here to help.